Sudden Death in a Bighorn Ewe

Sudden death in a bighorn sheep.

  On a July afternoon under the blistering Okanagan sun, a microscopic force delivered sudden death to an apparently healthy bighorn ewe. Her radio-collar told us she died at 7 pm July 18. When we reached her location, the air still sticky at 3 am, we found her intact, bedded …

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Wild Sheep Horn Growth: The Evolution of Science on the Evolutionary Impacts of Harvest

A January 2016 publication in Evolutionary Applications provides further evidence that intense selective hunting leads to artificial evolution in horn size¹. This is the latest in a series of publications since 2003 that address the potential for evolutionary impacts of trophy hunting in wild sheep, based on long-term data sets …

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Introductions! Meet Clint

Clint Cubberley, Registered Professional Biologist Clint’s skills and expertise have been applied to a diverse range of fish and wildlife projects over the course of more than 15 years in environmental research and consulting. Early work focused on salmonid habitat assessments, kokanee salmon enhancement programs, stream restoration, environmental monitoring of …

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Dog-Eared Sheep: Disease Surveillance for Psoroptic Mange in BC Bighorns

infestation in the ears of an adult female bighorn sheep.

Have you noticed odd-looking ears on bighorn sheep in the South Okanagan, Lower Similkameen, and Ashnola? When sheep have ears that are oddly shaped, stiff, thickened, crusted, or folded like dog ears, they are showing signs of Psoroptes (pronounced sore-op–tease) infestation. Psoroptes ovis is the name for the mite that causes …

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